Uganda Peoples Congress


The Ad hoc committee that directed the construction of this web site would like to acknowledge the contributions of a number of people. We deeply appreciate their valuable contribution. We are particularly grateful to Mr. Yokana Osire and Mr. Kan Tang for designing and building the web site. They volunteered many hours of their valuable time to help us put our best foot forward. We also thank Mr. Yoga Adhola for providing a document on the history of the Uganda Peoples Congress. This document gives a perspective on where we have been, and should serve as a guide on how we should plan our future.

This site would be stuck in the wilderness without the assistance of Dr. A. Y. Omule, who provided the space for hosting the site free of charge to the UPC party. He also provided editorial and lay out advice. We also thank Dr. Sam Otukol for his initial stimulating ideas for a UPC website, scanning pictures, and formatting and editing some of the documents posted on the site. We thank Mr. George Okurapa for coordinating the activities of the Ad hoc Committee and procurement of text and photographic materials. Many others assisted in providing materials for the site. We are very grateful for your assistance.

The UPC website will be organized as one central site with links to Bureau sites, which the respective Bureaus will be building over the next few months. We thank the Bureau chiefs for accepting the responsibility to build the satellite sites. We feel that this effort will go along way in exposing the corruption and the abuse of human rights by the NRM dictatorship in Uganda. We invest our hope in UPC to re-establish true multi-party democracy and the restoration of fundamental human rights in our motherland.

For God and My Country

George Okurapa
For: The UPC Website Ad hoc Committee