Uganda Peoples Congress

Miria rallies Kayunga

From NEW VISION, Wednesday, 8th February, 2006

By Apollo Mubiru

UPC presidential candidate Miria Obote on Monday inspected a foundation stone at Kisawo, Kibira on Bbale Road, which was erected to mark the launch of the Kayunga-Galilaya Road by her late husband, Milton Obote.

Miria, who was campaigning in Kayunga, expressed disappointment over the bad state of the monument.

Obote had a vision of tarmacking the road that would stretch from Kayunga to L. Kyoga and name it Obote highway.

Miria addressed her supporters at Kayunga town playground, where she attacked the NRM government for impoverishing Ugandans.

"The only thing this government brought was poverty because they believe that poor people are easy to lead. UPC built factories but they were all sold," Miria said.

She said the NRM government "killed" cooperatives and introduced micro-finance institutions, which charged high interest rates.

On her way to Njeru, Miria addressed a gathering at Kangulumira town.

In Njeru, a brass band and Kadodi dancers welcomed her. She opened a UPC office and asked residents to support her so that she could reinstate UPC's good programmes.