Uganda Peoples Congress

Mama Miria to revive railway transport

From NEW VISION January 14, 2006

By Frank Mugabi

Uganda People's Congress (UPC) presidential candidate Miria Kalule Obote (right) on Thursday launched her campaigns in the West Nile region with a pledge to revitalise the railway lines.

Addressing a large rally at Pakwach town council, Miria blasted the Movement government for the collapse of the northern railway line that extended to Pakwach via Gulu district.

On arrival, Miria jumped out of her official car and walked on Albert Nile Bridge, popularly known as Pakwach Bridge, to cheers from people who withstood the scorching sun and later a downpour to welcome her.

The bridge was constructed by her husband, the late president Apollo Milton Obote in 1969.

The cheers were a flash-back to those that sounded when the former Tanzanian president, Julius Nyerere, officially commissioned the bridge in the company of Obote.

Miria said West Nile was an island of its own but was bridged to the rest of Uganda in 1969 when the UPC government constructed the bridge and railway.

"Since the last UPC government, I want you to show me what the NRM government has done for you in the last 20 years," Miria said, to which the crowd answered, "Upe." Alur for nothing. She said UPC would extend the railway to the DR Congo, Sudan and the Central African Republic to boost cross-border trade and regional development.

She said the Kampala-Arua road would be upgraded to a highway leading to Central Africa.