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Founding Father's First Anniversary

Press Release

22 Sep 2006


  1. Uganda Peoples Congress and the family of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote wishes to announce the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of the founder father of Uganda Peoples Congress and the Nation, who died a year ago after an illustrious political career spanning four decades .
  2. In line with our national motto "For God and My Country", it is appropriate to commemorate the anniversary of the death of our great leader and the founder father of the nation by holding a memorial service at Kololo Airstrip on 10th October, 2006, the very ground where he received the instruments of independence and state power on 9 th /October/1962.
  3. Upon gaining Independence, there were a lot of challenges facing the Country. Nevertheless, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote laid a strong foundation and set a framework for national Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Development during his two tenure as President of Uganda Peoples Congress and Uganda. He made great contributions to the setting up of the East African Community, OAU, and Non- align Movement. He was a pan Africanist who was committed and contributed much to the struggle for independence in other African Countries and against apartheid in South Africa.
  4. Fellow Ugandans, Dr. Milton Obote's death was very painful. The pain of losing a charismatic leader like him was exacerbated by the factthat, he passed away after initiating the final push for the realization of Multiparty Democracy in Uganda.
  5. On this first anniversary, Uganda Peoples Congress recommits itself to the ideals and vision for which Dr. Apollo Milton Obote lived and died. In our continued effort to meet the needs and aspiration of all the people of Uganda, we shall continue to draw strength and inspiration from his heroism.

We, therefore, urge the people of our beloved mother land to turn up in large numbers for his memorial service. Let us all remember Dr. Obote in every corner of our country with the dignity and respect befitting his heroism and dedication. May his legacy live on.

The programme for the occasion will be released to the public soon.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress