Uganda Peoples Congress

Uganda Peoples Congress
National Secretariat
PArty Headquarters, Uganda House,
Plot 8-10 Kampala Road, P. O. Box 9206, Kampala

Press Release

28 May 2006

Message From The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC)

Ladies and gentlemen gathered at this historic convention in Toronto,
  1. I send to you all warm greetings and best wishes from the leaders and members of the Uganda Peoples Congress. Your meeting today is vivid testimony to your love and commitment to your culture and identity, and your belief in community values. The UPC salutes the North American Masaba Cultural Association (NAMCA) for organizing this convention.
  2. The UPC believes that the best way to build a united and peaceful Uganda is to recognize the rich cultural diversity of the peoples of Uganda and to take practical measures to promote Uganda's wonderful cultural heritage under all changing economic, social and political circumstances. The people of Uganda should be encouraged to benefit from the abundant values espoused in all our cultures.
  3. We recognize and treasure the culture of the Bamasaba. You are probably the most closely-knit and organized cultural community in Uganda. Whether you are in the villages, in town, with all the diversionary urban situations, or in the diaspora you selflessly endeavor to look for each other in promotion of your unique and beautiful culture and values. We respect and encourage you along this path.
  4. As principled people who do not only love their community and culture but above all their country, you have in the past overwhelmingly answered the call to join and work for the nationalist party, the UPC. As a people and region you formed the backbone of the UPC. We thank you for your tireless contribution to nation building through the UPC.
  5. After a twenty years struggle led by the UPC, multi party governance has been restored in Uganda. There are serious challenges for all of us as we start to rebuild a democratic, peaceful and democratic Uganda. The UPC counts on you to join and continue its efforts and campaign against ignorance, disease and poverty that still enfeeble the majority of our people.
  6. I once again thank the organizers for convening this meeting and all of you for receiving this message. May God bless you.

For God and my Country

Miria Kalule Obote