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12 May - A Dark Day for Democracy

Press Release

10 May 2006

  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress, in principle, regards the May 12th swearing in of President Museveni as illegitimate and unconstitutional owing to an election that was rigged, laws not followed and marred with violence, blackmail and fraud. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court.
  2. The political transition to multiparty system of governance was forced on the regime by relentless campaigns of UPC both in courts, mobilization of Ugandans, International Community and investors. It is against these backdrops that the regime was forced to introduce some changes. However, these changes do not go far enough to reintroduce a fully functioning multiparty democracy.
  3. UPC is pessimistic on the 5th term of President Museveni owing to the fact that the NRM government has been very insensitive to the needs of Ugandans. Our economy is experiencing structural crisis, plundering, massive unemployment, shortage of housing, high prices of fuel, collapse the electricity sector and so on. Neither the state nor big businesses are capable of curing these ills under the present political system.
  4. Uganda Peoples Congress ran a vibrant multiparty system of governance in this country in 1960's and 80's where the GDP grew at an average 6#&37;, because freedoms and fundamental human rights were respected. Unlike in the 60's and early 80's the institutional framework for the conduct of multiparty policies is not in place. A corrupt ruling party supported by state resources and security agencies will unfairly continue to compete against an opposition deliberately run down by government, targeted and persecuted . We shall have a parliament that will be a rubber stamp and unhelpful. Thus, prospects of a vibrant parliament like we had in 60's and 80's are not there.
  5. UPC informs Ugandans that the new situation demands a sober and balanced assessment of Museveni's government taking into account the strategic challenges this period poses. We shall continue to lead opposition and resistance to NRM misrule.
  6. The nation should remain vigilant aware of the fact that we are operating under conditions in which most institutions of oppression and state machinery still possess the capacity to wreak havoc. Resources of all kinds, including funds, remain in the hands of the NRM ruling clique.
  7. The heavy handed measures and tactics used by the NRM regime to manage state affairs will not deter UPC from nurturing democracy for this country. We have a responsibility to ensure that the gains painfully made in the fight for democracy are not reversed. The irreversibility of these achievements and the peaceful struggle scored must be guarded jealously.
  8. UPC, as it did in the 60's and 80's, when it ran a vibrant multiparty governance, shall continue to advocate and promote values that support a responsible and stable democracy. These values include:
  9. Equity of access to resources fundamental to wellbeing of our citizens.
  10. The exercise of authority within the framework of law.
  11. Leadership of being a genuine servant of the people.
  12. Promotion of fundamental freedoms and human rights.

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