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44th Independence Celebrations

Press Release

04 Oct 2006

  1. Uganda Peoples Congress would like to join the rest of the country in celebrating this year independence day. It is obvious that the 44th Independence Day anniversary is going to be celebrated with the resumption of the war in the northern part of our country and the mismanagement of public affairs such as the raping of the economy, rampant corruption, destruction of national institutions and shameless arrogance by the NRM leaders.
  2. This resumption of the war comes at a time when the country is very expectant of the success of the peace process in Juba. The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) agreement with the Khartoum government to enter and hunt for the LRA rebels in Southern Sudan expired early this year; therefore the announcement by the army spokesman that they have closed all safe passages to Owinykibul and Rikwangba complicates the entire peace process.

    UPC has consistently called for the deployment of the African Union and the United Nations Forces to monitor the cessation of hostilities agreement and if our call were heeded we would not be hearing these reckless statements that threaten to tear apart the entire peace process in Juba

  3. As we celebrate the birthday of our nation, Uganda Peoples Congress notes with great concern the declaration of the resumption of the war between the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and the Lord Resistance Army. The government of President Museveni has been concentrating in building complex military industry and actively involving our soldiers to fight internal and external wars without any productive programs for development.
  4. Uganda Peoples Congress played a leading role in struggling for and eventually attaining the independence for this country. The nationalist were inspired by the vision to build a new and better Uganda. This bold vision was later demonstrated during the two regimes of UPC where at every celebration, the founder father of the nation and the UPC President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote either opened a hospital, a factory, a school or some other institution of development constructed during the year.
  5. The NRM philosophy and ideology of celebrating the Independence Day is based on false militarism. The display of military hard wares and issuing of threatening statements to the rebel groups and opposition parties generally has characterized the celebration of Independence Day.
  6. The celebration of this year's independence should focus seriously on Peaceful co-existence aimed at narrowing the gap between the South and North divide. Positive economic policies, National Unity, Nationalism, and Patriotism must be natured and taught at all levels of our society.
  7. UPC would like to invite you to come and join the congress men and women and all Ugandans of goodwill in a memorial service to commemorate the first anniversary of Dr.Apollo Milton Obote's death on 10th October 2006 at Kololo Airstrip the very grounds where he received the instruments of Independence.

For God and my Country

Prof.Patrick Rubaihayo

National Chairman