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National Secretariat
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Press Release

(Embargoed for release at 11.00am 11th July, 2007 )

  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress notes with great concern the breakdown of governance institutions in our country. The institutions which are supposed to be the primary engine in delivering services to the citizens, have had their powers usurped by a limping presidency and multiple adhoc operations.
  2. The current Nakasero saga where vendors have appealed to president Museveni over their fate and ownership of the market is a case in point. They have vowed to listen only to the President and not anyone else including KCC, Ministry of Local Government and the police. This saga is the result of lack of national policy on markets and breakdown of the institution of local governments and procurement and disposal of public assets.
  3. The issuance of a presidential directive to halt the sale of Nakasero market is not only an abuse of office by the limping presidency but a total violation of rules on procurement and disposal of public assets. This rule sets standard procedures for acquiring and leasing of public assets including markets. Why must the presidential directive take precedence over the laws? The presidency, Ministry of Local government and KCC are all guilty of violating the laws of the land.
  4. The Balaalo problem which should have been handled by the District Land Tribunals and Uganda Land Commission has been mismanaged by the president sending Gen. David Tinyefuza, the coordinator of intelligence and security services to sort out an essentially land and political problems. The entire land institutions which have the manpower and skills to handle land disputes have been sidelined.
  5. The controversy surrounding the award of CHOGM tender is another manifestation of institutional break down. After cancellation of Mr. Wavamuno car deal, there was no re-advertisement of the tender. The national CHOGM task force headed by the Vice President is instead embroiled in fighting with other big personality in government whose interest is siphoning the CHOGM funds as opposed to offering quality services.
  6. Recently there has been demobilization of part of the army. When it came to the PGB Super Brigade, thousands of officers and men who had been cleared by the Army Appointment and Commission Board to voluntary retire, had their retirement stopped by President Museveni while hundreds were forced into illegal detention. If the institutions of the military can not be allowed to operate according to the UPDF Act and other enabling laws, then Uganda's slide to a one man rule appears imminent.

    It's unlikely that President Museveni will relent and allow public institutions to play their rightful roles in Uganda's polity. The trend towards more dictatorial rule is bound to continue.
  7. For its part the UPC will continue to mobilize and reorganize in readiness to rescue Uganda from the ruins that the Museveni led NRM has dumped our motherland in. Only yesterday UPC was able to reclaim the office of the Lira District Speaker from the NRM and their independent friends. As we stated two weeks ago, this trend is unstoppable. We call upon all Ugandans to join UPC in preparation to rescue this once beautiful country from the jaws of NRM bad leadership and restore it to institutional rule.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress