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NRM Repression shall be overcome

Press Release

Embargoed for release at 11.00am 13th February 2008

The people of Uganda shall overcome NRM Repression

  1. The Uganda People's Congress notes that ever since NRM shot itself into power in 1986, the UPC has been consistent in condemning this one-party- cum-military dictatorship. UPC has consistently warned the people of Uganda and international community that Museveni dictatorship will ruin this country. Some Ugandans and members of International community had bought Museveni's lies that he would bring fundamental changes. UPC has been vindicated.
  2. Towards the holding of CHOGM meeting in Kampala last year, President Yoweri Museveni pretended to improve on his human rights record by:-
  3. Pretending to bow to the pressure on Mabira give away
  4. Allowing courts to release PRA suspects.
  5. Putting off confrontational attacks on the media
  6. Attempting to revise the collapsed talks with the opposition through the inter-party dialogue.
  7. UPC warned that the essential hallmark of Museveni's governance which is repression and flagrant abuse of fundamental rights and freedoms had not changed. UPC alerted the whole world that soon after CHOGM Museveni would return to himself and continue to violate the rights of the people of Uganda.
  8. The recent events have again vindicated the Uganda People's Congress namely;
  9. The revival of government intention to grab Mabira forest
  10. The persecution of journalists using courts of law
  11. The persecution of Members of Parliament using courts of law, the latest victims being Honourable Betty Olive Kamya and Honourable Erias Lukwago.
  12. Continued grabbing of public assets including markets
  13. The declaration of state of emergency through the proposed amendment of the police statute which does allow holding of public gathering beyond 25 people.
  14. Terrorism by the police in shooting of civilians who are exercising their rights.
  15. Muzzling of public debate on the controversial land amendment bill.
  16. The prosecution of Honourable Betty Kamya arises out of her comment on the delicate question of citizenship published in the Daily Monitor Newspaper. President Museveni's reaction is not new as evidenced in 1994 when members of UPC Presidential Policy Commission published its position on Justice Odoki draft constitutional proposal and documents were signed by Hajji Badru Kendo Wegulo and Professor Patrick Rubaihayo where UPC had warned on the question of citizenship and expressed fear that non- Ugandans would be made citizens. Professor Rubaihayo and Hajji Badru Wegulo were arrested and had to pay a very big fine in order to avoid being jailed. The persecution of UPC leaders then did not take away the controversy surrounding Museveni's citizenship. The arrest, prosecution and persecution of Hon. Betty Kamya now will not take away the controversy surrounding Museveni's citizenship.
  17. UPC informs the NRM leaders that no dictatorship has survived the test of time throughout human history right from Napoleon Bonaparte to Bismarck and Mobutu. President Museveni's dictatorship, as a matter of time will collapse with very serious consequences.
  18. UPC calls upon the people of Uganda not to succumb to Museveni's repression. The people of Uganda shall eventually regain their freedom and bring to justice those who have held them hostage over the two decades

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress