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UPC Youth Programmes to Move the Party Forward

Press Release

14 February 2007

The Uganda Peoples Congress Youth Office would like to congratulate and salute its members from Northern and Eastern Uganda who have already benefited from its Youth training and awareness programme last year hosted in Gulu and Soroti Districts respectively. These Youths are seriously engaging in grassroots mobilisation and sensitisation of their local community through the District party structures about the party policies and preparation for 2011 elections.

In the same spirit, the Uganda Peoples Congress Youth Office is proud to announce that, the Youth training, mobilisation and sensitisation Programmes for Central and Western Uganda kicks off very soon.

The training and awareness programme will run concurrently with mobilisation of youth in secondary, tertiary institutions and Universities throughout the Country. The mobilisation programme will involve establishing active party branches to facilitate massive recruitment of youth into the party, organising workshops and public debates plus engaging in extra-curricular activities.

The UPC Youth league historical credentials in the struggles for liberation of Uganda cannot be disputed. We reiterate that, the Uganda Peoples Congress remains a beacon of hope to the working and poor youth in Uganda. Twenty one years under the NRM mal administration, the youth of this country are still grappling with the challenges of poverty, Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse. The UPC youth by virtue of being a major political player in our body politics will take the responsibility to improve the lives of young people through influencing their behaviour by leading a campaign against HIV/AIDS.

When the time comes for this, we request our partners to support us in this venture.

The Uganda Peoples Congress is also soon launching a national sports programme for its youth. Sports train the youth in the idea of working as a team and therefore fosters Unity and nation building. Secondly it will inculcate the idea of democracy very early in the youth.

Finally, we would like to wish all the youth of Uganda a Happy Valentine Day. Please, as you celebrate this lover's day, remember that AIDS is still alive. Take care.

For God and my Country

Hon Benson Obua Ogwal

National Youth Leader