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NRM Subversion Against UPC Shall Fail

Press Release

Embargoed for release at 11.00am, 27th February 2008

  1. After the UPC defeated the Yoweri Museveni's UPM in the 1980 general elections, the defeated candidate did not opt to use civilized and lawful means to change the well deserved victory of UPC. Instead he opted for rebellion and violence to kill the UPC and particularly multipartism in Uganda.
  2. The districts that comprise the Luwero triangle are still littered with the skulls of UPM's / NRA's military exploits. The other economic, social and political scars still abound and will take a UPC future victory to address and not the veterans of this military misadventure who recently endorsed the land bill in Kyankwanzi and claim that the opposition have infiltrated NRM.
  3. For nearly two decades UPC led the struggle to dismantle the UPM (now called NRM) one party-cum- military dictatorship. The UPC used open methods to challenge the NRA/NRM's stronghold on Uganda. We used the press, diplomatic channels, open but peaceful protests and defiance and the courts of law to expose the NRM fraud and to crack it and ensure a return to multiparty governance.
  4. Our second phase of the challenge against the NRM has been to ensure that multipartism which is now enshrined in the constitution and the law is established in real practice. We are still challenging the several administrative, financial and security shackles against the people's full enjoyment of their political rights. Some of the challenges include the recent statutory instrument issued by Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda to legally confirm that Uganda is a police state
  5. The NRM oppressors have not been sitting idly by. They have been monitoring our activities and in a recent study have concluded that the UPC is headed for a major victory come 2011. True to his character, Yoweri Museveni has responded not by openly contesting the UPC petition, but by adopting clandestine and subversive actions against the UPC some of these actions include:
  6. Sponsoring a tirade of negative press report against the party and its leadership.
  7. Spreading misinformation on party positions and actions.
  8. Firing up disaffection against party leaders at all levels.
  9. This subversive campaign will not deter UPC from contesting the forthcoming local council elections now that the law has been passed. UPC calls upon the District Chairmen, the Constituency Chairmen and the Branch Chairmen to actively mobilise and capture all the local council positions. UPC urges the Electoral Commission to provide guidelines early enough to political parties for these LC elections and intensify civic education for the voters. The Electoral Commission should not hurriedly and haphazardly rush these elections.
  10. In our struggle to free the people of Uganda, UPC has adopted several well tested methods that include a well thought out five year Strategic Plan and we are now in the process of finalising amendments to our constitution, reorganising in preparation for fresh elections to all our organs and recapturing political territory hitherto lost to the NRM by actively fielding our candidates in all the by-elections like Bukooli North and Bukomansimbi constituency.
  11. The UPC urges the people of Uganda who cherish democracy and especially members of the media and the party to:-
  12. Be very careful and to avoid being unwittingly conscripted into any dirty campaign whose ultimate goal is to destroy UPC and multiparty democracy in Uganda.
  13. In confidence alert party leaders of the actions of these subversive forces so that together we can destroy once and for all the political forces that have for over two decades held Uganda hostage.
  14. Always cross-check with the party leadership any information before publishing or passing it on to other party members.
  15. To fully participate in the forthcoming local council elections

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President Uganda Peoples Congress