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ICC Should Eliminate Terrorism In Africa And Open Door For Democracy

Press Release

28 February 2007

  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress would like to applaud the positive role being played by the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court in its effort to stamp out state terrorism and other form of terrorism perpetuated with impunity by criminals manning state and rogue elements in Africa in its quest to promote the protection of human rights.
  2. This welcome development is seen in the light of several international indictments issued for former African leaders like Charles Taylor, rebel groups like the one in Congo of Thomas Lubanga and now the latest of the Sudanese ministers/government officials suspected of committing crimes against humanity in Darfur region.
  3. These international developments should strengthen the African continental, regional and national human rights institutions to guarantee the promotion, protection and to fostering of human rights values in Africa.
  4. For the case of Uganda the issuing of these arrest warrants and indictments should act as a red warning light to the regime in Kampala , since the situation in Darfur is similar to that of Karamoja Northern and eastern Uganda where millions have been confined in concentration camps.
  5. The current genocide being perpetuated in Karamoja sub region in the name of disarmament that has seen thousands of Karimojongs being uprooted and displaced from their sub-region is the most lamentable in this era where the United Nations presence and the ICC is visible globally and actively summoning war criminals.
  6. The two decades long abuses perpetuated by both the UPDF and LRA against the children and population of Northern Uganda that has seen rape, torture, murder, recruitment of Child soldiers, rise in HIV/AIDS and hopelessness prevailing in Northern Uganda has seen the indictments of LRA top leadership by the ICC. We recognise that the ICC factor is crucial for the success of the peace talks but does not destroy the foundation for seeking justice.
  7. The massacres in eastern Uganda like the Mukura incidence cattle rustling and confinement of the population, particularly in Teso sub region in concentration camps has had adverse effects against the dignity and sanctity of the citizens in Eastern Uganda.
  8. The genocide that occurred in Kanungu where thousands of people were massacred by one Kibwetere. Government appointed a commission of inquiry headed by Justice Kania, whose commission was never facilitated and funded. Since then no one has been arrested for those crimes. UPC calls upon the United Nations Security Council to set up a Special Tribunal to investigate the Kanungu and other massacres and bring the perpetuators to face justice.
  9. The lack of rule of law and democracy in Uganda manifested on the attack against the Judiciary, The opposition political parties, Media, Civil society organisations that virtually has seen the overthrow of the 1995 Constitution. The violation of fundamental freedoms and human rights in Uganda remain rampant and unabated.
  10. The Uganda Peoples Congress calls upon the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court to apply its investigations and indictments across the board and not selectively targeting leaders of specific countries and rebel groups while ignoring others at large. We particularly call for the investigation of President Museveni and his senior commanders for war crimes, crimes against humanity, perpetuated on the peoples of Northern Uganda and neighbouring countries.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

Party President