Uganda Peoples Congress

Uganda Peoples Congress
National Secretariat
Plot 8-10 Kampala Road, Uganda House,
P. O. Box 9206, Kampala

Ref: Questionnaire On Revamping UPC To Be Returned To National Chairmam

Press Release

18 May 2006

  1. Our attention has been drawn to the existence of a document circulating in the country in the form of a questionnaire on "Revamping UPC".
  2. The document which is misleading and has highly speculative questions, purports to deal with the history, record, work, campaign activities and leadership of UPC, amongst other varied subjects. It is issued, ostensibly for purposes of revamping UPC.
  3. We wish to clarify to all UPC members, supporters and the public that:
  4. The leadership of the Party in terms of its President, National Officials, the Central Executive Committee, the National Council and the Annual Delegates Conference is not party to the said document, its authorship, circulation and analysis. The document and its intentions is strange to the party.
  5. All Party members, supporters and leaders are advised to disassociate themselves from any work or activity surrounding this document.
  6. The only legitimate inquiry being undertaken by the party is by three committees namely:
  7. The Party Structures Committees
  8. Election Evaluation Committee.
  9. Party Promotional Committee.
  10. Party members, supporters and friends are urged and encouraged to continue supporting these three Committees to complete their work.

For God and my Country

Peter Mukidi Walubiri