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UPC Unveils New Look Website

Effective today Wednesday November 30, 2005, the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has unveiled a new look website. The website can be viewed at: The new look website is being launched in honor of Mama Miria Kalule Obote, the newly elected president of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) and next president of Uganda.

Through the new look website; the super information highway world will have access to the party's programs and vision. For Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), the Independence of Uganda means that, at all times, every citizen of Uganda must be independent, enjoy and exercise the inalienable, God given, human rights and freedoms. This is the mission Mama Miria Obote accepted to champion when she was sworn in as president of the Uganda Peoples Congress, (UPC) and next president of Uganda. She has the vision, the charisma and the energy to fight for all the suppressed and marginalized in Uganda. Mama Miria Obote represents the best hope for Uganda as we transition from the movement dictatorship to multiparty democracy in Uganda.

The new look UPC website is one of the avenues through which Mama Miria Obote will expound her vision for Uganda to the world. She comes in as a leader of a party that has ruled Uganda twice, each time after multiparty competitive elections. The first UPC Administration (May 1962 - January 1971) was Uganda's Golden Era. 22 new Hospitals were built, staffed and stocked. Hospitals built by the Colonial government were all expanded, equipped, and staffed. Hundreds of health clinics were built, staffed, equipped and stocked. A large number of Primary and Secondary Schools were built, staffed and equipped. Schools, which existed before, were enlarged, staffed and equipped. Every Secondary School was provided with a Library, well stocked, and a Laboratory, well equipped. The economy grew at an average rate of 6 percent annually and the standard of living steadily rose every year. Mama Miria's mission is to lead Uganda to its second golden era of peace, prosperity and National Independence.

Mama Miria Obote will take over as the president of Uganda after the presidential elections in 2006. When this happens, she will be taking over a country where the leaders have instituted an immoral tenet of Governance, namely corruption and nepotism. Just like the UPC inherited a shattered economy when it was elected in 1980, an enfeebled and disrupted administrative infrastructure and the social fabric stretched to the limits of endurance by eight years of brutal oppression and incalculable loss of lives through Idi Amin's reign of murder and terror, Mama Miria Obote has the will and capacity to restore dignity into Governance. With her as president of Uganda, corruption, nepotism and hostilities amongst Ugandans will be history. Mama Miria is the best hope for Uganda. She deserves the support of all Ugandans and friends of Uganda. Her message is that your freedom as an individual is not complete unless there is also freedom for all individuals in Uganda. Let us all support Mama Miria for president of Uganda.

George Okurapa

UPC Website/Network
Toronto, Canada
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