Uganda Peoples Congress

UPC External Bureau Victoria, British Columbia

Celebrations to mark Dr. Obote's 75th birthday in Canada

The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) members in Canada on December 28 celebrated their party president?s birthday in style in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was also a celebration to mark the 3rd anniversary of the UPC Victoria Bureau, which was launched in December 1997 to intensify the campaign against the Yoweri Museveni dictatorship in North America. The Celebrations, included a BBQ and video show of Milton Obote?s opening address to the Lusaka 1997 Convention.

In a hard-hitting speech to the gathering, Dr Omule, the Victoria UPC Bureau chairperson expressed gratitude to the Party President for his wise leadership, and emphasized the need to continue the struggle against the dictatorship in Uganda. Dr. Omule's speech centered around the following highlights:

  1. He wished the party president many more years of leadership so that he continues to use his wisdom to lead the party in the fight against dictatorship in Uganda. He paid glowing tribute to the President for his significant role in liberating Uganda from colonialism, was confident that with Dr. Obote's leadership, the struggle against the Museveni dictatorship will succeed.
  2. He re-affirmed the Victoria Bureau solidarity with the party leadership, PPC, PRC in the fight against dictatorship in Uganda. He saw UPC as the only united force that could defeat the dictatorship by peaceful means. He Called for continued party unity and commitment of all party members as the party intensifies its war against dictatorship in Uganda, and emphasized the need to rally behind the President in the struggle.
  3. Dr. Omule denounced the corruption under Museveni's dictatorship. He laid the blame on the deplorable situation squarely on Museveni's dictatorship and suppression of the Rights of Ugandans through article 269 of the 1995 Constitution which prohibits competitive Multi-party politics. He went on to say that Multi-party democracy is the only system that would provide the necessary checks and balance needed to eliminate corruption in Uganda.
  4. He lamented on the fate of the poor Uganda peasants who were suffering under rising rural poverty, and deplored the yet unexplained rapid rise to opulence of Mr. Museveni. He reminded the audience of the "man eat man" expression president Nyerere of Tanzania used to describe vicious nature of capitalistic corruption.
  5. Dr. Omule condemned Museveni's utterances about killing fellow Ugandans. He wondered why a president whose main role is to preserve the lives of Ugandans spends so much time talking about sending fellow citizens six feet under the ground.
  6. He denounced Museveni for manipulating the 1995 constitution and conducting a fruitless Referendum which was not in the best interest of the Uganda people. He called upon the international donors community to wake up to Museveni's lies and to take him to task for duping them to support this sham exercise. He re-afirmed the Victoria bureau's dedication to continue to lobby donors to put more pressure on the NRM dictatorship for a return to true multi party democracy in Uganda.
  7. In closing, Dr. Omule urged all party members in Canada to reach out to friends and well-wishers of Uganda to join in the aggressive campaign against the NRM dictatorship.