Uganda Peoples Congress

UPC External Bureau Victoria, British Columbia


The Ultimate form human rights violation

Many people in the western world believe that poverty is the ultimate form of human rights violation. This is ironic, because very little effort is made by most of the politicians and NGO in the western countries to alleviate poverty in Africa. In fact some business people take advantage of the ignorance of the African politicians to rob the people of their raw materials at virtually give away prices. On the other hand, African leaders have also not demonstrated that they can deal with poverty, even when they are given truck-loads of money to address the problem directly.

Uganda's case on poverty is unique. Billions of (American) dollars have been poured into the country to alleviate poverty, but there is very little evidence that the lot of the peasants in rural areas has benefited much. Every single Ugandan family would have $US 100,000.00 in the bank if the amount of money donated to the country were actually distributed in cash to families instead of being channeled through NGOs and government agencies.

The results of programs such as Entandikwa, Poverty Eradication Program, Restructuring Program and others are difficult to see on the ground.

What can be seen are:

  1. Bad roads with numerous pot-holes.
  2. Poor supply of education materials al all levels of schooling.
  3. Lack of infrastructure for health services, and high cost of service to penny-less people.
  4. Low purchasing power of rural people for basic human needs.
  5. Lack of public health training to up-lift the standards of rural life. Many people still live with rudimentary latrine facilities or none at all.
  6. Deterioration in agricultural produce production.
  7. Lack of infrastructure for facilitation of education.
  8. etc.

The truth of the mater is that more than 50% of the country has lost its capacity for producing agricultural crops. The NRM allowed the depopulation of cattle in the north and the east. Peasants in these areas can no longer cultivate more the ¼ of a hectare of land at any given time. The gene pool of oxen that used to facilitate this has disappeared. This policy of attrition was stupid and it has condemned the affected people to poverty for many generations.

The delivery of poverty alleviation assistance through NGO has become corrupted. Aid is now channeled to only a few areas where ministers are powerful. This vicious cycle will never end as long as the NRM is in power.

The Uganda Peoples Congress is an experienced and viable option that will allow Uganda to progress uniformly. Ugandans should move away from the "MYOPIC" vision.....

Long live the people of Uganda. Long live Mama miria Kalule Obote. Long live UPC.