Uganda Peoples Congress

(Office of the President)

11 APRIL 2002


Fellow citizens and Members of the Congress of the people,

  1. The loss of Congressman Dr. J. M. C. Akanga reached me when I was engaged on an urgent Congress matter. The report has affected my work and I have not yet recovered. Congress has lost a great Apostle.
  2. Congressman JMC was not an ordinary member of the Congress of the people. JMC understood and worked tirelessly and selflessly to impart the Message and cause of the UPC.
  3. We now have in various areas of the world, Congress Executives called Bureaux which came into being because the Congress is a Party of ideas. It can be safely said that the idea of establishing the Bureaux came from Apostle JMC who was the first Chairman of a brain-storming initiative which came to be known as London UPC Discussion Group. From the London Discussion Group, the Bureaux have now developed.
  4. Apostle JMC knew and devoted his life to the Congress Mission which is to serve the people of Uganda in times of peace and normality and in times of dictatorship at home, to wage relentless campaigns in all parts of the world for the overthrow of the dictatorship.
  5. Whether in the service of the people or in campaigns to overthrow dictatorship, the Congress has a history and precedence of concentrating on the matter at hand to the exclusion of all personal considerations of every individual member.
  6. Apostle JMC passed the test of concentrating on the matter at hand with flying colours. The former Chairman of the UPC London Discussion Group never sought office when the UK Bureau was established. He knew and believed that it was not office but the Congress Agenda to which he was to devote his brain power and energy.
  7. The Congress has, in Apostle JMC lost:
  8. A very great role model for the Youth
  9. A powerful brain fountain and
  10. A solid leader.
  11. I mourn Apostle JMC most deeply.
  12. God gave us a political Apostle and God has taken him away. May God give us another and MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

For God and My Country

A. Milton Obote

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC)