Uganda Peoples Congress

UPC External Bureau Washington

18 Feb 2006

Fellow Citizens:

On February 23, 2006 The people of Uganda will go to the polls to elect the President of Uganda as well as Members of Uganda Parliament.

It goes without saying, and I need not over emphases the fact that there is a lot at stake in the forthcoming elections. Indeed the very future of the Republic of Uganda is at stake.

Your votes on February 23, will determine as to whether we the People of Uganda, and indeed your children will continue to live under a reign of terror which we have witness for the past 20 years under NRM Military dictatorship or live as free citizens, rather Human Beings who have the power to determine our destiny and enjoy our God Fundamental Human Rights.

If I might point out, in Politics, every so often an opportunity presents it's self were by ordinary citizens, through the power of the vote, can make a significant and dramatic change in the ways they wish to be governed.

This kind of opportunity, if I must say so, does not come often.

Uganda Peoples Congress, and in particular our late Party President the late Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP) worked very very hard day and night, a fact which as a former Member of Uganda Peoples Congress Presidential Policy Commission (PPC) I can attest to, in order to make sure that the People of Uganda will and MUST have an opportunity to elect their leaders in a multi-party political setting.

Fellow Citizens, the ball, as the English would say, is now in your court. It is indeed your prerogative to squander this Opportunity to change your lives and vote the NRM out of power or vote the NRM back to power and face the consequences of your actions.

The leadership of Uganda Peoples Congress, under the guidance of Mama Maria Obote come up with what I would refer to as a comprehensive all encompassing UPC Party Manifesto.

I have followed Mama Maria Obote's campaign tour all throughout Uganda ,over the past weeks very very carefully. I am of the view and I do believe that if the UPC is given the opportunity to implement what is stated in the UPC Party Manifesto, Our country will surely raise and shine again.

The tears in the eyes of many of our people all throughout the Republic of Uganda, particularly in Northern and Eastern Uganda will be wiped out. And the people will, once again be comforted as peace and prosperity returns back to our beloved country.

On the contrary, if the people of Uganda choose, out of their free will to vote Yoweri Museveni and his NRM/O dictatorship back to power, I will state ..And state in no uncertain terms that I see a very gloomy future for the people and the Republic of Uganda.

I see a future in which the people of Uganda, particularly in Eastern and Northern Uganda Continue to live in total and absolute de-humanizing conditions ear marked by continuous sufferings, wars and destruction.

I see a future in which the people of Uganda continue to be lied too, manipulated, hoodwinked, bamboozled by a Karniving Militaristic Machiavellian tyrant by the Name of Yoweri Museveni. As he persues NRM policy of fighting wars throughout the Great Lakes Region of Africa

Yes Indeed... I see a future under the NRM Military dictatorship characterized by even more pervasive rampant poverty and unemployment among the masses, more corruption among Government Public Civil Servants in many parts of Uganda.

And above I see a future in which chronic nepotism tends to permeate every fiber of the Ugandan society whereby only people from certain geographical area and tribes are offered opportunities to excel in life while others are discriminated against and subjugated in a state of oppression.

Beloved fellow citizens, I rarely express my views with passion on such national issues. I have however, found it very important to share with you my views regarding what I regard as an imminent danger awaiting the people of Uganda if and when the NRM once again imposes itself on the people of Uganda.

Good Night!

Richard Jack Topacho

Chairman UPC Washington DC Bureau