Uganda Peoples Congress


National Secretariat Kampala

We the members of the Party Representative Council (PRC) of the Uganda People's Congress meeting at a Special session held at Uganda House in the City of Kampala on the 24th day of May, 2002.

(a) Noted with concern the continued existence in Uganda of several rebel groups fighting the government;

(b) Concerned about the continued suffering of the people of Uganda in areas of Civil conflict where thousands are confined in camps and are living in conditions that are inhumane and degrading;

(c) Alarmed at the continued presence of Ugandan troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo and recently in the Republic of the Sudan without the sanction of Parliament and the people of Uganda;

(d) Deeply aggrieved by the immense suffering and senseless loss of life among the civilian population and the UPDF both in Uganda and other regional areas of conflict;

(e) Aware that the NRM Government is not concerned about the destruction of property and loss of life afflicted in the region by these senseless wars and conflicts;

Now resolve as follows:

1. That the Uganda People's Congress condemns in the strongest language and terms possible the NRM's use of military force as the only way to solve purely political problems.

2. That the Uganda Peoples Congress demands that the government abandons its war policy and engages in dialogue with the political opposition in Uganda to find lasting solutions to our political problems.

3. That the Uganda Peoples Congress demands the immediate withdrawal of all UPDF troops from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Sudan.

4. The UPC calls upon Ugandans and the international community to condemn the military exploits of the NRM Government and to set up an international war crimes tribunal to try Uganda's civil leaders and military personnel for acts of genocide and crimes against humanity committed in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Sudan.

Resolved at Kampala the day and year given above.
24th May, 2002