Uganda Peoples Congress


National Secretariat, Kampala


We the members of the Party Representative Council (PRC) of the Uganda People's Congress meeting at a special session held at Uganda House in the City of Kampala on the 24th day of May, 2002.

(a) Received a report on the passing of the Political Parties and Organisations Bill by the 7th Parliament.

(b) Noted with concern that under the Bill, the Party is restricted to operate at only its Kampala headquarters and cannot engage in normal political activities like opening branch offices, holding public rallies and meetings and sponsoring candidates for public
elections; in effect being rendered irrelevant in Uganda's politics.

(c) Determined to continue to champion the aims and objectives for which the party was founded and has been built over the decades and not to allow Uganda to be ruined as a one-party dictatorship.

Now resolve as follows:

1. That the Uganda Peoples Congress will not recognise the immoral, sectarian, draconian and unconstitutional Political Parties and Organisations Bill once enacted into law.

2. That the Uganda Peoples Congress will not subject itself to this law and in particular that the party shall not seek to register under this law.

3. That in all its activities the Uganda Peoples Congress will be guided by its own Constitution as promulgated by its supreme policy organ, the Annual Delegates Conference. UPC shall not dissolve any organ of the party in existence to answer the dictates of this law..

4. The Uganda peoples Congress will closely work with other political parties and civic groups to reject and fight this draconian law through courts and other political avenues.

5. The Uganda Peoples Congress calls upon all democratic nations and communities to join the people of Uganda in their fight against a one party dictatorship.

Resolved at Kampala the day and year given above.