Uganda Peoples Congress


National Secretariat, Kampala


The Party Representative Council (PRC) of Uganda People's Congress (UPC) noted that the Party has always been at the forefront in fighting terrorism. It opposed the terrorism meted out on Ugandans by Idi Amin in the 1970s, fought the terrorism by the NRA/NRM in the 1980s, and on each occasion the NRA (now UPDF) has terrorized Ugandans, the UPC has been on the side of the citizens of Ugandans.

The PRC is duty bound to remind Ugandans of the terrorist activities occasioned by the NRA/NRM/UPDF since 1980 as follows:

  1. The Luwero Killings including:
  2. The murder of Segamwenge in 1981.
  3. The massacre of Muslims at Bulo Mosque in Butambala in 1982.
  4. The massacre of medical staff including a Medical Doctor in Nakaseke in 1982.
  5. The loss of life through the mining of roads in Luwero in the early 1980s, etc.
  6. The massacre of all people who refused to join the NRA etc.
  7. Murder of Dr. Andrew Lutakome Kayira:
    The unexplained murder of Dr. Kayira in 1987 which has remained so despite the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry the report of which has never been made public.
  8. The Teso Massacres
    The Mukura Massacres, where in 1989 the then NRA, crammed innocent women, children and the elderly in train wagons under the scotching sun and set the wagons ablaze, etc.
  9. The Acholi Massacres
  10. Corner Kilak massacre, which Lt. Gen. Museveni publicly gloated over.
  11. The Bur Coro massacre
  12. The Atiak massacre
  13. Achol Pii massacre
  14. The lynching to death of four civilians in Gulu Municipality including a minor called Odoch. The lynching was organised and supervised by Major General James Kazini.
  15. Kichwamba Massacres where several students were burnt alive.
  16. Kanungu Massacres: Untold number of bodies was unearthed in mass graves.
  17. Makerere University Massacres
    The shooting of two students (Okema and Onyango) at Makerere Universityin 1990.
  18. Buseruka Massacres
    Hundreds of Ugandans were murdered in Buseruka.  Those murders were followed by the arrest of hundreds of Moslems and their incarceration into "safe houses".  Most of them have been seen alive.
  19. Karamoja Massacres
    The massacre of 600 Karamojong by UPDF helicopter gunships in 2001 who were never afforded a burial but were left to be eaten by vultures and hyenas.  Currently UPDF is at it again.  They are busy killing people at random including an Irish Priest who dared to question the NRM's barbaric activities.  The UPDF is using horrific methods of torture including stripping both men and women and parading them in chains reminiscent of caravans of negro slaves of the 17th century.
  20. "Protected Camps"
    The herding of people in Teso, Acholi, Kasese, Bundibugyo in the so called "protected camps" where rape, killings and spread of infectious diseases have become the order of the day.
  21. The murders an tortures during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections
    These included Beronda in Rukungiri, the killings in Mukono where a UPDF officer rammed a military vehicle onto a crowd.
  22. The massacre of the student of Journalism
    The cold blooded murder of Jimmy Ojotre Higenyi by the NRM's Paramilitary on the 12th January, 2002 when the UPC organised a rally for supporting the USA led campaign against terrorism.
    These terrorist activities, plus the creation of new paramilitary organisations including the murderous Kalangala Action Plan (KAP) the Chieftainancy of Military Intelligence (CMI), the special Investigation Branch (SIB) based in the infamous State House, and the
    Popular Intelligence Network (PIN), have caused Ugandans untold suffering. The Paramilitary organisations arrest people with impunity and keep them in ungazetted places, the so called "Safe Houses" where they are subjected to torture and dehumanization.  These murders and tortures have been exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Sudan amongst other countries in the region.
The Party Representative Council (PRC) sitting today the 24th May, 2002 do resolve to:
  1. Condemn these terrorist activities in the strongest terms possible.
  2. Call upon the people of Uganda to join the international community in the fight against terrorism since the NRA/Movement Government has failed to mobilise them.
  3. Call upon Parliament to introduce a private members bill calling for the disbandment of the paramilitary organizations without legal framework and the prosecution of both those who created them and those who run them.
  4. Demand the immediate setting up of an independent Judicial Inquiry to investigate these activities and try and punish their perpetrators.
  5. Demand that the Kayira murder report that of the murder of two University students and of all other commissions of inquiries set up by the NRM government be published unedited and debated by Parliament.