Uganda Peoples Congress

Uganda Peoples Congress
National Secretariat
Plot 8-10 Kampala Road, Uganda House,
P. O. Box 9206, Kampala


We the members of the Delegates Conference of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), meeting at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole, Kampala from 21st to 22nd November 2008, having received, considered and deliberated on reports of the Party President, Secretary General and the National Treasurer and the Party Constitution , do hereby resolve as follows:

  1. We accept and adopt the reports presented by the Party President, Secretary General and the National Treasurer
  2. We call upon all Party leaders and members to continue working to foster and enhance unity within the Party and explore all avenues for intra-party reconciliation
  3. In the face of the present world economic crisis, we reaffirm the UPC Party philosophy as a Social Democratic Party that believes in a mixed economy and demand that the government should give the citizens a considerable stake in the economy through state regulation of the economy, especially in key and strategic sectors that affect the common man/women
  4. We condemn wars wherever and for whatever reasons they exist, especially where they threaten to spill into Uganda and call upon all belligerent forces in the various armed conflicts in Uganda and other countries together with their supporters and sponsors to stop the carnage and resort to peaceful means of conflict resolution
  5. We applaud the historic election of President-elect Barack Obama as the first black president of the USA, and the graciousness with which his runner up, Sen. John McCain, conceded defeat, and we call upon the people of Uganda to nurture our democracy by emulating the Americans and rising above all odds to cause the change we badly need in Uganda
  6. We call upon the President-elect Barack Obama to champion the cause of democracy, human rights, peace and equitable development throughout the world, especially in Africa and more particularly in Uganda
  7. We salute members of the Party who courageously faced all the odds imposed by the NRM dictatorship and financial constraints and ran for various elective offices, and congratulate those who made it, encourage those who did not, and urge all those who voted for them not to lose hope
  8. We strongly condemn all forms of human rights abuses including illegal detentions, torture, violation of property rights and the draconian manner in which the state has been repressing opposition political parties using draconian Statutory Instruments
  9. We condemn in no uncertain terms the economic mismanagement, blatant theft, corruption, nepotism, political patronage and influence peddling which have more or less become the official policy of the NRM as exemplified by the high profile corruption scandals and mismanagement of NSSF/Temangalo and others such scandals
  10. We contend that government is hell-bent on grabbing land both openly as exemplified by the Shimoni, UBC TV, Luzira Prison and Amuru customary land giveaways and subtly by the on-going Land (Amendment) Bill 2007 before Parliament now, and do hereby strongly condemn and reject this moves with the contempt they deserve, calling upon UPC MPs, other Opposition MPs and conscientious MPs from the NRM side to strongly resist the Land (Amendment) Bill 2007
  11. We demand that the government should, in consultation with all political stakeholders, especially the Political Parties represented in Parliament, urgently introduce bills in Parliament to effect the badly needed Constitutional and electoral reforms, including the restructuring of the current partisan and biased Electoral Commission
  12. We welcome the establishment of the Inter-Party Cooperation, accept the Protocol entered into by our leaders, and urge them to continue with the cooperation as long as the purpose remains as spelt out in the Protocol and as long as UPC will continue to maintain its identity and field its own candidates for various elective positions
  13. Delegates pledge themselves to adhere to Party discipline and regulations and observe them in accordance with Party Code of Conduct and call upon all Party members to do likewise
  14. We wholeheartedly adopt the just amended Constitution of the Party and welcome the progressive amendments which we believe will inject new dynamism in the Party and propel it forward.

The delegates at this emergency Delegates Conference leave this place more determined than ever before to work for the Party by mobilizing human and financial resources, recruiting, campaigning and defending the Party at all times and ensuring that it is poised to take power in 2011.


For God and my Country

Miria Kalule Obote

Party President


Mr. Peter Mukidi Walubiri

Secretary General