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Last Salute with Special Honours to Dr. Apollo Milton Obote

Press Release

13 December 2006

  1. Uganda Peoples Congress and the Oyima Clan is organizing the last funeral rites for the founding father of our nation and former President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote on 28 TH/DEC/2006 at his ancestral home village of Akokoro in Maruzi County, Apac District.
  2. After commemorating the first anniversary of Dr. Obote's death on 10TH October 2006 at Kololo Airstrip, which will be an yearly event for our country, the Oyima Clan in fulfillment of its traditional and customary obligations to the dead, together with UPC will celebrate the birth day of our late leader annually.
  3. This last funeral rite is unique since it will bestow special honors to Dr. Apollo Milton Obote through the Installation of his heir and naming of the grand children born after his death. The ceremony of installation of the heir will be performed by the Oyima Clan. The heir therefore becomes the head of the Obote family.
  4. Dr. Apollo Milton Obote was a national and International leader whose legacy is felt worldwide. The national organizing committee is therefore inviting political leaders, members of the diplomatic corp, religious leaders, cultural leaders ,the media and members of the general public to Akokoro on 28 th Dec/2006 to join the Oyima Clan, congress men and women in celebrating the life of our illustrious leader.
  5. Dr. Apollo Milton Obote led Uganda with clean hands and heart. His legacy of moral uprightness in managing public affairs is equal to none in Uganda politics and need to be emulated if this country is to resume the path of peace, social justice and development. In this regard UPC congratulates the National Forest Authority for showing exemplary integrity and standing by their conscience/principles against the interest of the most powerful in Uganda.

For God and my Country

Hon Benson Obua Ogwal

National Youth Leader

Uganda Peoples Congress