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UPC Youth Training And Party Mobilisation Programme Kicks Of In Mityana District

Press Release

14 March 2007

  1. The Uganda Peoples Congress National Youth Office is proud to announce that, the Youth training, mobilization and sensitization Programmes of UPC Youth for Central region kicks off tomorrow 15th to 17th /March/2007 in Mityana District. The historic event takes place at Kolping House.
  2. The aims and objectives of the training are as follows:
  3. To train the youth and increase self their awareness about the Constitution and policies of the Party and operations of multiparty politics generally.
  4. To enable the youth to appreciate the core values, necessary to enhance and adopt a broader visionary world view about Democracy, Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and translate this self awareness into a determination to protect , safeguard and promote democracy and constitutionalism in our country.
  5. To empower the Youth to appreciate the fundamental rights to vote and launch an early voter sensitization programme.
  6. To re-organize, strengthen, recruit and massively mobilize for UPC support at the grass roots.
  7. The following papers will be presented:
  8. "Operation of multiparty Democracy"
  9. "UPC's Agenda for the Next Five Years vis-à-vis the Youth and Women"
  10. "The Significance of Voter Education in the Democratization Process"
  11. "Analysis of the Historical Perspective and Challenges of Multiparty System in Uganda. Way forward"
  12. This youth training programme is in fulfillment of our Strategic Objective four in the UPC Strategic Plan which calls for massive, active and effective youth participation in UPC structures, programs and activities.
  13. On Saturday 17th March 2007 after closing of the training and workshop by the Party President, UPC will hold a mega rally in Mityana town. We hope in the process of exercising our democratic rights, the police will co-operate in protecting the masses that would turn up for the rally.

For God and my Country

Hon. Benson Obua Ogwal

National Youth Leader