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Life Presidency

Press Release

Embargoed for release at 11.00 am, 19th March, 2008

Life Presidency Cannot be a Pillar for African Integration

  1. The recent repeated advice given to President Yoweri Museveni by the visiting Libyan leader Col. Muammuar Gaddafi that revolutionaries don't retire once they assume power is the most unfortunate since Gaddafi also is a die hard advocate for United States of Africa.
  2. Uganda Peoples Congress asserts that dictatorship cannot be a foundation for African integration and unity. The so called revolutionaries are actually naked dictators who have either shot themselves to power through the barrel of the gun or maintaining themselves in power by intimidation, use of force,flouting their countries constitutions and organising sham elections.
  3. The advice, which the President of Uganda who also doubles as the chairman of East African Community and Commonwealth of Nations reportedly smiled at, violates the principles on which the East Africa Community and commonwealth nations are founded. The East African treaty is very clear on the principles of integration which is: "Adherence to universally acceptable principles of good governance, democracy, the rule of law, observance of human rights and social justice". These principles run contrary to the Gaddafi doctrine of life presidency for those who shoot their way to power.
  4. The requirement to adhere to universally acceptable principles of good governance, democracy, rule of law and observance of human rights and social justice is a value that the Commonwealth Harare declaration also espouses.
  5. Uganda Peoples Congress notes that the Constitutional amendment of article 105(2) which removed the two term limits and opened Uganda to life presidency. Gaddafi position coming in the wake of this amendment is more threatening and worrying not only to this country but the Great Lakes Region and the entire Africa . Such talks by the Libyan life President breeds rebellion, war, corruption and endless conflicts that has undermined Africa development.
  6. UPC calls upon the people of Uganda and their friends in the international community to take Gaddafi statement seriously and come up with a strategy to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Africa.

For God and my Country

Mama Miria Kalule Obote

President, Uganda Peoples Congress