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UPC Meeting Its Constitutional And Democratic Targets

Press Release

30 May 2007

(Embargoed for release at 11.00 am, 30TH May, 2007)

  1. Uganda Peoples Congress last weekend successfully held its Central Executive Committee meetings after twenty years. The Central Executive Committee is a Constitutional organ of the Party with the powers to:
  2. Consider different Party Policies and programs presented by the National Party Officials and forward them with modifications if, any, to the National Council.
  3. Originate new bills and table it before the National Council.
  4. Scrutinize the work of National Party Officials and ensure that they implement the decisions of the National Council and Annual Delegates Conference.
  5. UPC is the only Political Party to operationalise its Constitutional Organs which meets the requirement of our National Constitution, the Political Parties and Organizations Act and other enabling laws that binds parties to conform to the principles of democracy. The turn-up of members were extremely good and during the meeting
  6. The Party President communicated to the members highlighting the performance and challenges facing the party
  7. The Secretary General Presented a report to members detailing how the party has been progressing, achievements made and the way forward
  8. The National Treasurer also gave a report to members showing the financial status of the party and generating ideas on how to mobilize resources for the party. An audited account that was presented to the Electoral commission on the 5 th /April/2007 long before the media reports grouping UPC among parties who have not submitted their financial report to the commission.
  9. There were open, robust and frank discussions on the party's five year Strategic Plan and proposed Constitutional amendments during the plenary.
  10. CEC members exhibited a strong sense of discipline, shared values, compromise and tolerance of one another during the deliberations
  11. The success of the meeting proved our skeptics wrong. Prior to this historic meeting, the media was a wash with negative publicity and the prophets of doom had predicted chaos and failure of the meeting. Contrary to the detractors, deliberations at the meeting were peaceful, orderly and consensus was achieved on vital issues.
  12. The Uganda Peoples Congress is continuing with its Youth Training, awareness and mobilization programs. This week on 31 st May to 2nd of June UPC will be holding its Regional Western Uganda Youth Training and awareness workshop for more than the 18 districts in Bushenyi- Ishaka Town at Hot Springs Hotel. The Party President will be the Chief Guest and she will hold a consultative meeting with the elders, youth, women and leaders of the party in Western Uganda on Friday 1ST of June before closing the workshop on Saturday 2nd of June.
  13. The objectives of the workshop are as follows;
  14. To train the youth, to increase self knowledge about the party Constitution, policies of the Party and operation of multiparty politics generally.
  15. To introduce the UPC Strategic Plan to the youth in Western Uganda.
  16. To enable the youth to appreciate its core values, necessary to enhance and adopt a broader world view about democratic governance, human rights issues and integrate this self awareness with measurable results in terms of struggling for democracy and equitable development.
  17. To empower the youth to appreciate the fundamental rights to vote and be agents of continuous voter civic education till 2011 general elections.
  18. To re-organize, strengthen, recruit and massively mobilize for UPC support at the grass roots.
  19. This is the last Regional UPC youth workshop in this phase, after a successful similar workshops were held in Gulu (June 2006) Soroti (August 2006) Mityana (March 2007).The next phase of the workshop will be launched at a sub-regional level where UPC will train youth per sub-county in a sub-region as party civic educators and mobilisers. This programme will go concurrently with the re-organization of youth in higher institutions of learning into vibrant branches. Remember UPC has been participating actively in Guild elections at these institutions.
  20. The UPC has also finished a plan to launch a nationwide women recruitment, training and mobilization programs. This will be done very soon.
  21. The Uganda Peoples Congress has a clear roadmap, with clear tasks and time schedules that will enable it to build a strong party with committed cadres to contest for power in 2011 general elections. As we build our party, we recognize that in a democracy there is competition to serve the people but not just to merely survive. UPC calls upon the people of Uganda, especially the youth to embrace UPC and its nationalist programs.

For God and my Country

Hon. Benson Obua-Ogwal

The National Youth Leader

Uganda Peoples Congress