Uganda Peoples Congress

Uganda Peoples Congress
National Secretariat

UPC Opposes The Re-Invasion Of Congo

Press Release
  1. In 1996, Uganda invaded Congo without seeking permission from anyone, not even Parliament of Uganda. We overthrew Mobutu's government and installed Kabila Senior .Again in 1998; Uganda re-invaded Congo without anyone's permission and without approval of Parliament as required by the Constitution of Uganda.
  2. Uganda Peoples Congress is very surprised that the Museveni government has gone to the United Nations Security Council to seek permission to re-invade the Democratic Republic of Congo, purportedly to hunt for LRA.This request is against the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. That is, to save the human race from the scourge of war, to maintain international peace and security and to encourage the Nation sates to settle conflicts among themselves by peaceful means.
  3. In 2002, UPDF entered the Sudan with the agreement from Khartoum to pursue LRA.The Uganda government did not seek permission from the UN Security Council to enter the Sudan. It was by a bilateral agreement between Kampala and Khartoum. Why seek permission from the UN Security Council this time? And what guarantee do we have that it would succeed in the DRC when it has failed to finish LRA in the Sudan over the last five years?
  4. The Consequences of the earlier invasions of neighbouring countries are still fresh in our minds:-
  5. The International Court of Justice found Uganda guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Congo.
  6. The DRC is now demanding from Uganda 10billion US dollars as compensation for the crimes committed by Uganda.
  7. Between 1998-2003 over three million lives of Congolese citizens were lost during the invasion.
  8. As a result of the invasion of the Sudan 1000 lives are being lost per week in the IDP camps in Northern Uganda.
  9. Uganda Peoples Congress strongly opposes the move to re-invade the DRC and urges President Museveni's government to:-
  10. respect the UN Charter, international laws and Conventions.
  11. use peaceful means to end the LRA war.

For God and my Country

John Livingstone Okello-Okello