Uganda Peoples Congress






  1. We have been reliably informed that Museveni has planned a palace coup d'tat. The coup d'tat was posed for this weekend or as early as possible targeting elimination of opposition leaders and to disperse their coalition.
  2. On reflection there has been a build up to this plot:
  1. On 26th January, 2004 Museveni told his audience at Kololo that donors and investors were responsible for the failure of UPDF to end the war in the North because they denied him a free hand in spending on defence. He in fact turned the army against donors and their countries.
  2. For starters anger was directed at European Union (EU) with vitriolic attack on Ambassador Sigurd Illing the head of E.U. delegation in Uganda. The army spokesman Major Shabani Bantariza, castigated the Ambassador as corroborator of Joseph Kony leader of Lord Resistance Army (LRA). Major Bantariza displayed a letter written to Kony, in full knowledge and approval of Lt. Gen. Salim Saleh as a member of government negotiating team.
  3. Betty Akech, the Minister of State for Security had no kind words for Ambassador Illing and demanded that foreign embassies should not involve themselves in war in the North or any other matters affecting security in Uganda. She blamed them for corroborating with opposition parties.
  4. Minister of State for Information, Nsaba Buturo stated that foreign powers were funding opposition parties to overthrow the government of Uganda.
  5. Former President Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa Q.C. warned that there was going to be a coup d'tat.
  1. When issues in 2 above are read together with what is happening to the people opposing Museveni especially his craze for third term in office, it becomes apparent that there is a steady creation for justification of the planned coup d'tat.
  2. UPC denounces this evil plot and demands that the NRM government desists from this act. We further demand that government guarantees security of life of people opposing, on principle, illegal actions of the government and their agents.
  3. We call on all people of good will and the international community to keep vigilant and help Uganda to remain peaceful.

For God and My Country.

Dr. James W. Rwanyarare
Presidential Policy Commission
10th. March 2004.